Penholder2 ver3 assemblato

Pen holder

Initially started as Sketchup learning. It can hold many type of pen and marker, is self centering and shock absorber. I tried to not needed support. The pieces could be stick together without glue. ** Caution before to print: I have a SX first release I hope the head support are the same of the last version. * * More on: Update:doubled columns theet, more large spacer, adapter for thin pens.

Designed by Paolo Fiaschi on February 02, 2017

Design's files:

  • I LOVE this design! So creative! Way to go!!

    on 06 Feb 15:32
  • Thanks KrisJEC

    on 07 Feb 12:09
  • This is a great design! We upgraded the base of the toolhead, so it can fit 2.0 S and 2.0 SX models too. Check it out:

    on 14 Mar 09:13
  • This looks a great idea. DO you think it could be modified to use in any 3D Printer?

    on 25 Mar 13:03