Cuboid for Calibrating ABS Filament

For tutorial: Use this .gcode file for calibrating your Hot-End to print at the correct temperature. This, alone, will allow you to calibrate your Hot-End for your particular filament. You will NOT need to modify the gcodes in order to calibrate for a range of temps. This has already been completed for you. This block is good for 9 different temps. From 215C all the way to 255C. If you need help or additional questions need answered, reply to the above mentioned Tutorial and I or someone else would be happy to assist you. Happy Morphing!!

Designed by KrisJEC on August 19, 2015

Design's files:

  • Hey what slicer and settings did you use to make this? It is working perfectly on my printer and I was wondering if I could look at your print settings.

    on 15 Jan 21:41